Uncoura Studios, established in 2015, in Perth, Australia and now Based in Lusaka,Zambia,  specialises in Visual Storytelling in Portraits & in Branding, primarily because its founder Atanga, considers himself a people loving person.

UNCOURA, which is a name coined from English words, “Unco”, meaning Remarkable, and “Ura” from the word Aura, speaks of a concept of storytelling that brings out the true character of a person, your product or brand.

As a result, Atanga has set himself apart from the competition by focusing on helping clients discover the hidden sides of their pictorial personality, which are usually hidden and not seen by most people.

We are a mobile marketing creative agency based in Lusaka, Zambia, offering international-quality work across various fields.

From Viral Video Creation , Commercial Photography to Audio Engineering and Digital Branding.

Founded with over 10 years of experience,

their team led by Director Atanga Mungandi

helps brands and individuals “Dream it and bring it to life.”

Uncoura Studios work on-site and remotely, creating unique experiences.                       

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Our Services

We offer flexible options, based on the services you need, you can adapt to the different needs of each project.

Creative Strategy Meetings

K1500 – K4500+

60 – 90 minutes

Creative Brainstorm Scheduled over Zoom or in Person.

Ideal for Personal Brands , Small Businesses or Marketing Executives

Or People looking for a Creative Storyboard.

Key Brainstorm Points may be requested.

Virtual Meeting may be recorded or shared after by Prior request.


K4500 – K15,500+
  • Commercial Photography for Brands.
  • Creative Professional Portraits.
  • Executive Portraits.
  • Family Portrait Sessions
  • Order Beautiful Canvas Prints for your home.

We Are your International option.

10+ years of experience working with brands in Zambia, South Africa, and Australia.

Team of professionals including fashion designers, audio engineers, and digital graphic designers

Digital Delivery

Print Delivery

Feel Free to Reach out for more info: Support@uncoura.com or Text : 0950-203-952


K30,000 – CUSTOM+

We Create Engaging Reels with a Professional Cinema Camera.

We also offer Informative Reels with English Captions.

Let’s Make your next Advert or Commercial and bring your dream to life.

For Commercial Work:

We include Creative Strategy, Pre Production, Filming & Post Production.

All Production Costs are discussed and Included in our Commercial Quotations.

Feel Free to Reach out for more info: Support@uncoura.com or Text : 0950-203-952


What is a Creative Strategy ?

This is a Consultation Brainstorm or Series of brainstorm sessions where we create a Storyboard or Mood board that fits into a creative brief ( or Plan ) for your Marketing Campaign ,Photoshoot or Video Advert.

What is are your Payment Terms?

For Photoshoots ,Videos & Reels :

A 60% Payment may be made to secure the date and begin Pre Production And 40% made on or before the day of Production. No Post Production will begin without a full payment.

All Creative Strategy Sessions ,Canvas Print Orders or Digital Services need to be paid 100% upfront.

For more info : Please read our Refund / Payment Policy.

What is Pre Production?

The stage of a film, television or commercial production that takes place before filming begins. It is followed by Production (during which visual content will be filmed)

and Post-production ( where the filmed visual content will be edited into a coherent whole).


What Services do you offer?

  • Creative Strategy Consultation Services
  • Video Production ( Commercials , Reels , Documentaries )
  • Portrait Photography
  • Commercial Photography. (for Personal & Business Brands )
  • Family Photography
  • Audio Production ( Composition of Jingles , Scores and other Audio Production Services.)
  • Motion Graphics & Design
  • Canvas Prints for Home.

Which countries have you worked in and how long have you been operational?

10+ years of experience working with brands in Zambia, South Africa, and Australia.

How can I get intouch ?

Feel Free to Reach out for more info: Support@uncoura.com

Do you offer RAW or Ungraded Video Files?

We Normally share the finished Product like a baker we dont share left over ingredients but a finished cake. If you want these ingredients Please reach out to us and enquire about purchasing them. ( At an additonal Fee )

Find Your Aura

Unleash your brand’s unique aura. “Unleash Your Creative Power

Creative Strategy

Experience our 60 – 90 minute Virtual Creative Strategy Sessions to Unlock the creativity inside you.


  • Unveiling Creativity: Lets help you discover your unique creative voice, your signature style, your “aura” in the creative world.

  • Identifying Strengths: we focus on helping you find your creative strengths and passions.

  • Developing Brand Personality: “Aura” can refer to the overall vibe or energy a brand exudes.We are able to help you develop a strong brand identity that reflects your core values and resonates with your target audience.

  • Standing Out from the Crowd: Finding your aura suggests creating a brand that’s distinct and memorable, one that cuts through the noise.

  • Empowering Clients: “Find Your Aura” we help clients discover their own creative confidence and express themselves authentically.

  • Holistic Approach:  We consider not just the visual aspects but also the emotional connection your brand creates.

Some Brands we have Worked with


“Had a great experience and I would definitely recommend Uncoura Studios to my counterparts as a one stop solution to all their Video & Photography needs.”.”


Perth , Australia

Behind the Lens (Stories)


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